Im sad... help?

so im like a little sad... i lost 130 pounds in the past 2 years... went on chatroulette to joke with people... talked to a guy and a girl... girl was like "you look like you graduated high school 9 years ago". i graduated high school 3 years ago. im a little sad because i struggled with my weight for my whole life and now that im thin... i want to look healthy, and attractive but if this girl was like you look like you graduated 9 years ago.. then i look old. she didn't say if i was attractive or unattractive but it hurts. and i dont know if she was serouis.. i was being humuros the entire time and they were rpetty chill but all i want is to get girls to think im attractive and its making me sad right now if i do look older. im 21 by the way.

i also think im overthinking and making this a big deal but i just feel like some people have told me i look older then the way i look... I don't know


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  • Awwww don't be sad... be confident in yourself. It may be hard to do sometimes but it is possible. Overthinking has always been a struggle for me so I know where you're coming from. This girl didn't necessarily call you unattractive.

    • its just the main thing i want to do is get attention... to get attention from girls... and for those girls to be cute, attractive. and its hard to hear that... even the guy that was with her was like " thats harsh" or something like that ya know

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    • i dont think all girls are mean... jus sux for me that i am sensitive... i feel like i am strong physically... yet can cry at a movie or something... ya know

    • true true... there's nothing wrong with being sensitive though. It just means you're not afraid to show your emotions

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