Guys, do uneven, patchy eyebrows bother you?

It's geneic. Essesntially, my eyebrows are not thin (as in width on the face), however they are sparse and have blatently obvious bald spots in them. The hairs themselves are brittle, so if I try putting any sort of makeup on my eyebrows even more hair falls out. Does this bother you? I have been called pretty by people (apparently, I don't believe them) but that was when I was filling in my eyebrows. Basically me and my anxiety plagued self are worried that I might, in fact, have a decent looking face if not for the terrible eyebrows ruining it. That leads on to me worrying over dying alone. (I have a diagnosed anxiety disorder, so yes, I know I'm over reacting. However, I can't help but do so). So, my question is, do uneven, patchy eyebrows bother you?

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  • i see this as a whole as a part of face. so the total construction is important to me and not an individual part.

  • Don't worry, if you're calm your eyebrows and will look clam and that's attractive to me.