Should I be insecure about the stretch marks on my big butt?

I have a big round nice juicy booty. My butt has gotten attention throughout my entire life. The problem is I have stretch marks. I am so insecure about them. I wish I could wear bikinis. I just feel like people would think eww gross she needs to cover that. So, I always wear shorts swim bottom's. Should I feel this way? Guys is this a turn off for you? Do you think I should wear bikini's? Yes or, no?


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  • Don't sweat it, wear bikinis you'll look great, apply lemon on stretch marks to make them go away if you want to

    • Okay. Thanks for the tip.

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  • Everyone has stretch marks. Don't be ashamed of them. They're totally natural. To me stretch marks look like lace anyway. Just wear what makes you happy and comfortable.

    • Would people talk about me if I wore a bikini?

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    • @BellePeooer:
      "Did you skip biology and sex ed or what?" Called me out.
      "Stop trying to make girls feel bad about their bodies and move along." Some crap you made up to try to divert from the point of our discussion (not everyone HAS stretch marks. Can you point out in this thread where I made any reference to stretch marks and ANY bodies - male or female? No, you can't. Cuz you just pulled that out your butt.

      "Everyone she knows has them. Stop spreading lies and trying to make a teenage girl feel bad about her body " What lies? Did Asker tell YOU that everyone SHE knows has stretch marks? Sounds like you're putting words in her mouth. More blowing smoke. Please point out where ininyrntiosnMore fantasy crisp you made up to divert from the point that not everyone HAS stretch marks. Still can't find where I'm attacking the asker or her stretch marks and intentionally trying to make her feel bad...

    • ... Nope. Can't. Never even mentioned her or any body's stretch marks male or female. Just people in general and that not everyone HAS them.
      "has everyone had stretch marks at some point in their life y/n?" Changed from original statement keyword HAS, meaning present tense, to HAD, past tense as in "not now", but still using "everyone".
      "Yeah how DARE I say something that might possibly MAYBE be incorrect to help someone feel better about something no one will care about. THE HORROR. THE LIES. THE SHAME." And you said I lied? Where? Irresponsibility.

      And I can't see the forest? Maybe not, but I can clearly see the BS. try pulling your head out.

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  • Why do you care what other people think. F'ck em me wear what you want.

    Let's see that ass if you want is to judge accurately.

    • I usually don't care what other people think but, I'm insecure about it myself.

    • Wear that bikin! Guys who like your body type rad gonna drool, stretch marks or not. I guarantee it๐Ÿ‘

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