Girls, any hobbies to try, or are there others like me?

I will start university in CSUEB in fall, and noticed that due to limited hobbies (video games and movies), I have only one circle of friends (5 guys and 1 girl). what are good hobbies that can help me socialize (especially with girls)? What hobbies do girls like? Would dancing or martial arts help?

My interests -

video games (Pokemon, Super Mario, COD, Halo, Ratchet and Clank, Killzone, Minecraft, GTA, Spacechem)

movies (like Ted, Get Hard, Ant Man, Big Hero 6, American Sniper, Chappie)

Music - Jay Z or Ice Cube or like popular songs like gangnam style, shut up and dance, Persuit of Happiness (by Steve Aoki and Kid Kudi) and uptown funk?
tv shows like Family guy or South park or American Dad?

And i'm a computer science major, so are there CS / engineering girls?


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  • Yes dancing would be nice for starters :)


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  • Dancing is a good idea since there won't be too many guys int those classes or clubs. You'll have to look into if they'll count toward a fine arts or PE credit though.