What was my worst phase?

okay so i get loads of people who look back on like my facebook for example and tell me i was really unfortunate looking? which part was most unfortunate? what do you think?
please enjoy this timeline of my pubery

what was my worst phase?obviously this is the best one 2006 when i was 8

2009/10 when i would be about 10 or 11

2011 i was 13

2012 (bronzer obviously well done there..)

Halloween 2013

  • 06 was the worst
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  • 09/10 was the worst
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  • 11 was the worst
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  • 12 was the worst
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  • 13 was the worst
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I think that the year 06 was the worst by far. The others looked completely fine to me!

    I think it was the haircut. If I had to be absolutely honest, you frankly looked pretty boy-ish during that year-- only that year tho! But like others said, you were 8 years old, so it is quite understandable. 8 year olds faces are similar to each other with the adorable awkwardness they all have xD

    But hey, it all turned out right in the end :D


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  • you poor unfortunate soul that hair cut in the first pic is a sin! but the blue eyeshadow is no better poor poor baby


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  • I think you look worse when you were younger.
    I looked like a repulsive troll when I was like 8. Every since I've matured I look better now than I ever have. I'm sure the same applies for you as well. 😂

  • None of them. All kids look strange, it's normal.

  • basically a timeline of how you got hot

  • You're youngest is your worst, but heck you were 8. I mean nobody should hold that against you. I probably looked weird at 8 too.

    • and i defiantly fought against getting that haircut but my mothers opinion always mattered more

    • Hahaha yeah when you're that young parents do seem to find great ways to embarrass you lol.

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