Which is the hottest of these 3 women? Rate and WHY?

1. Rate the following 3 women based on their looks, known personality and rumored attributes.
2. Choose the hottest.
3. Explain your reasoning? As in why one girl and not the other two?

GIRL A - fun, friendly, a little exclusive and likes the dining out lifestyle. Down to earth, waits for people to approach her, and is then very nice. Tends to hang out with more boys than girls. Quiet until you know her, but rumored to be very wild. Loves a night in as well as a night out (e. g. video games).
Which is the hottest of these 3 women? Rate and WHY?

GIRL B - can be caring to those in her group. Fun, though tries to focus attention on her especially if there are other girls about. Tends to want to be the most attractive in any group girl wise. Very attention seeking and rumor is jealous of A. Quite kinky - puts her feet on guys and licks/sucks in a suggestive way. Possibly very very dirty in bed.

GIRL C - very fun and likes to party all the time. Clearly is wild. Can be flirty with lots of people and has a very short attention span. Rumored to be leading people on and struggles to maintain long term contact with people, especially guys, except a select few (who she isn't dating). Loves to receive wishes, but doesn't remember others bday's or occasions. Hardly initiates contact by texts, etc. Always poses with mouth open.


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  • Not even looking at their pictures and simply reading their descriptions, my vote lies 100% with A. Person B has the tragic flaw of being attention seeking (which can easily turn into possessiveness and her doing an overly thorough background check on any girl you talk to). She is the kind of person who has issues with insecurity and the attention seeking-ness is going to make her look pretty arrogant. Person C has the tragic flaw of long term contact issues. Person C just sounds... I don't know... not very smart or nice by the description. There's prettty much nothing that is a good trait from C lol.

    Girl A seems like a person I would be attracted to very easily since she clicks well with my personality. I am overall a pretty chill guy who is quiet unless I know the person well or push myself to speak.

    After looking at the pictures, my choice of choosing girl A is confirmed for me even more. She is the most attractive out of all of those in my opinion (though the others are still decently attractive, she is the most beautiful for sure).

    • Very well said dude. Solid analysis! Yes agree that A has both the nice personality and is attractive. B for sure, is extremely attention seeking and seems to want guys focused on her all the time. Why do you think she is jealous of A and not wanting people to meet A?

      In terms of C, could you clarify long term contact issue? I mean C is fun, but not really with it sometimes. What would you rate each in terms of attraction, personality and then overall?

      Also could you check out this on A and B pls? The update is important: www.girlsaskguys.com/.../q1623417-why-do-i-suddenly-feel-sexual-desire-for-this-friend-why-is-she

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    • Oh and lemme clarify on the things. I forgot to answer. B could be jealous of A and not wanting people to meet A because A is probably a person who gets a lot of attention from guys without even trying. B is jealous of A for her looks, her personality, whatever, and is trying to impede A to make her feel better about herself.

      C's long term contact issues include never initiating contact and giving off the impression she doesn't want a relationship. The relationship will seem really one sided, especially in time when the initial flirty part settles down.

      I will rate attraction, personality, overall, from 1-10
      Girl A... 8-9, then 10, then overall is about 9. Really great girl to date.

      Girl B... 7-8, then 4, then overall is about 5. Good looking, but seems a bit crazy like a "TELL-ME-I'M-PRETTY" crazy

      Girl C... 6-7, then 6, then a 6 overall. There's not much good traits, but there is nothing super bad. She is just alright, and it will be good only if you can win her heart fully.

    • Thanks. Would appreciate your thoughts on the full details of A and B!

      Could you check out my profile and click questions, there is a question on the female friend. Can you check it out pls?

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  • Hottest = Girl A, she's cute, seems really nice, awesome personality. The other two are pretty too except Girl A looks shy yet full of surprises- which is good. Girl B has insecurity issues in my opinion, she wants to be loved, noticed and that can lead to so much distruction if she doesn't get any of it. Girl C, she's just mean!

  • A is the hottest. Seems like the kind of girl I would hang out with. The other two not so much. I have had friends like them but we stopped being friends after a while. Back stabbers both of them.

  • I say A, mostly because I'm that way.

    • Nice, I too think A is the best. So why did you choose A and why not B or C?

    • I didn't like their personalities.

    • So if you had to rate each one?

  • I like the first one. She's kind of like me

  • I think you describe only the first favourably. Is that you? Because then it is just your point of view written down here. Everyone will say A, because that is how you described them.

    • Nah it's fairly balanced. I think an image removed some words for A. I meant to say: "Can be a little random and sticks to a select group of people." I mean all have some good qualities, but given this information now, who would you choose based on looks and personality and why?

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    • So why A and not B or C?

    • Ratings for each and what did you think about B and C?

  • Definitely A! Cus' she's like me lol
    Also she's pretty ^^

    • =) I also thought A! She's definitely pretty and sounds nice right?

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    • Why is B jealous of A for instance?

    • How would you rate each?

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  • Girl A: started as an 8 based on looks, was brought up to a 8.5 for being down to earth, and to 9.5 for being a nice person. But (although this wouldn't bother most guys) the fact that most of her friends are guys, knocks her down a whole 3 pegs from a 9.5 to a 6.5.

    Girl B: Started as a 5 based on looks, brought up to a 6 for being caring to people in her group, and up to a 8 for being kinky. But then got knocked down to a 4 for being self centered.

    Girl C: Started as a 4 with her appearance, then was drug down to a three because of having a short attention span, and a 2.5 for being inconsiderate of other peoples wishes

    Girl A is the hottest in my opinion.

    Although i wouldn't even consider dating any of them, because of their personality drawbacks, Girl A got the highes rating because, Girl B had the biggest personality drawback (self centered), and Girl C is simply too unattractive for me to date

    • Lol great opinion! I like the whole rating going up and down!

      Girl A: Yeah she is really pretty! I think she isn't just friends with guys, she has girls too, but those are ones who are taken. I think a lot of girls (including B) are jealous of her for some reason lol. The guys are also in relationships. (8/10)

      Girl B: wow you put her up to 8 for kinkiness? I don't think she would get that close to A's rating.. though for a bj, for some reason B has that dirty look which is quite hot. Agreed, she is totally self centered and attention seeking. (5/10... bj wise 7.5/10)

      Girl C - agreed except I think appearance she is prettier than B. However, she is definitely short on focus and lacks initiative. (6.5/10 looks but overall 4/10)

      So yeah go for A I reckon. Could you check out my other question on A and B pls?

    • Thoughts dude?

  • Without reading their description and going purely by looks
    Girl 1 is most appealing to me. She's super pretty and I like her style
    Girl 2 and 3 are okay

    Going by personality
    I'd choose girl 1 out of the other 2 as well. I'm over my partying phase and I enjoy 1 on 1 time without the crowd.
    Girl 2 and 3 I don't like dealing with wild childs and overly jealous people.

    • Nice dude. Yeah Girl 1 is most appealing by looks. I think girl 2 is a close second. Girl 3 last. But giving a bj.. maybe girl 3 moves up the ranks, she's got a dirty look about her.

      Personality wise, yeah Girl 1 for sure. Girl 2 is an attention seeking crazy girl like a child and Girl 3 is way too flaky and unfocused.

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    • Absolutely. That's why I think Girl A (girl 1) is the best. She's not just pretty, she's got a lovely personality!

    • If you had to rate each?

  • Girl A is clearly the winner for any guy looking for a girlfriend. She doesn't sound like she is particularly high maintenance and sounds like she would be the most loyal of these three. Girl B sounds too self-centered. Girl C is the most attractive but is also self-centered and shallow.

    • Yeah that makes a lot of sense! She does seem really nice as well as pretty.

      B is definitely attention seeking for sure.

      So you think C is the prettiest? Yeah she is a bit shallow.

    • Could you check out another question of mine? Will message you

    • If you had to rate each, separately for looks, personality and then combined?

  • A best she seems comfortable with who she is and seems very likely to stick around. Plus this one doubles if you have things in common
    B moderate seems risky unless you are into high maintenance girlfriends then you can make it work she's highly likely to be spiteful.
    C worst seems like nothing more than a fling or hookup. Her partying is more important than you and she isn't gonna be there for you much. Highest probability of getting cheated on

    • Damn you know your stuff!! Very well said dude.

      A - does seem both pretty and the whole package. She seems comfortable and confident with herself.

      B - yeah does seem attention seeking and spiteful. Why do you think she is jealous of A? She seems to want to stop people meeting A. I mean she is very kinky, but seems a little all over the place and the wanting to be the center of attention is crazy.

      C - I think I'd probably say B is worst, but yeah C seems very flaky and disappointing. She is quite pretty, but has no focus or care for the other person. She has people care about her, but doesn't reciprocate. She'll realize one day I guess.

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    • How would you rate each?

  • neither... but then you keep posting this..

    • There are 3 women. So why not any of them?

    • lololol... so come and beat me for expressing a view...

    • I don't get what you mean. I meant there are 3 women above. So none of the above?

      I respect your view, just want to understand why. My question above is rate each and why?

  • A B C in that order.

    • Really so B second? Interesting.

      So why that order?

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    • Agreed on C. Yeah I guess on B, but very attention seeking.

    • If you had to rate each?

  • I'd go with 2.

  • Girl A looks and personality, just my type as long as her body matches her face in the pic.

    • Yeah body wise it's as follows:
      Girl A - thin, but curvy with a booty.
      Girl B - average (i. e. no abs) but great breasts.
      Girl C - very thin, marathon thin.

      That help? Which would you go for and why not the other two?

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    • Because A is freaking awesome and B knows it and B is insecure already.

    • True that

  • Girl A = 8/10
    Girl B=7/10
    Girl C =8/10
    Hottest in my opinion, Girl A
    I would choose girl A as she is more down to earth and will do guy things as well as girl things, and is the most loyal sounding of the three. Girl B craves attention non stop, so would be a nightmare if she don't get it, and Girl C seems most likely to cheat, as she flirts with everyone, and it seems she just wants to have fun, that's it.

    • Dude, this is brilliant!! Well said and a great opinion.

      Girl A - yeah I'm leaning 8-9/10.
      Girl B - I'd say 6/10 tbh, but giving a bj.. maybe 7.5-8.
      Girl C - yeah 8/10.

      A being hottest, she seems all round nice and pretty. And confident in herself and caring/focused on you.
      B great for a bj maybe, but no way as a girlfriend. Also she is waaaaay too attention seeking. Why is she jealous of A do you reckon?
      C is pretty, but seems so unfocused and doesn't reciprocate. Yeah don't get people like that. Ironically she says she wonders why she finds it hard to keep friends. Lol

      Check this out if you have time, would be helpful! It's on A and B: www.girlsaskguys.com/.../q1623417-why-do-i-suddenly-feel-sexual-desire-for-this-friend-why-is-she

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