Any tips on how to look younger than you really are?


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  • Botox

    • I know that stuff isn't good so pls tell me about something that can make me look younger and isn't going to hurt my face after a few months

    • Nothing else can.
      You cannot avoid aging. Either you're lucky enough to look young, or you're not.

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  • mostly it's all about grooming.

    Short hair, no beard, no sleepy eyes, makeup may cover your pimples and same as for shiny skins on your face if you have this issue.

    And about clothing

    No old man-maker long toe shoes, boatshoes business/dressshoes etc, and you may wanna avoid glossy leather belts (a thumb thick belt is a dressbelt which makes you look old if you don't dress appropriate) Poloshirts is a no go, also nice looking wristwatches like Rolex or whatever.

    Workout and get some suntan.


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  • They say smiling makes a person look 2 years younger (if I know it right). O. o
    But, make up can also help. ^-^

  • Wear makeup.

    • Lol i'm a guy. Don't you think that would make me look more of an transexual than younger?

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  • u say u r under 18 and u wanna look even younger? huh... weird... but anyway...

    how old r u and how old do u wanna look?

  • Wear diapers.

    • I was serious... about this

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    • Dude that might be a compliment. Girls your age like guys that are more mature.

    • Sure i got 1012 likes on one of my pic witch i looked young in and it was 2 years from now and when i posted a pic of me two years later i only got like 292 likes. That makes me think girls found me better looking earlier. by the way a lot of girls say that i'm old on first impression. But thanks for the support. I'l start to get in shape asap.