What about mixed family?

i think mixed babies are the cutest. i'm black and i'm attracted to white guys for some reason I don't know. i like the idea of being black yet being white at the same time lol mixed! beautiful. what y'all think?

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  • Yeah mixed babies are cute. Mixed families are cool too. It's quite common where I live. I'm black and I like all guys but for some reason people assume that I'll end up marrying a white or mixed guy. I saw the cutest little boy on some website today that is mixed. I want my future son to look like him. lol this is him



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What Guys Said 5

  • It's like... white choco and black choco eh?
    White is a bit too sweet. Black is a bit too bitter.
    Just the middle of the road , milk choco with hazelnuts and macedonian...

  • I know what you mean.. I'm blessed with ethnic diversity.. girls love it, I love it

  • Its OK. I wouldn't mind seeing a pic of you

  • I agree with you. I like the way you think. It's all good to me

  • I don't think mixed race babies/kids are any more or less cuter than any other babies or kids. Just like anything else about humans as far as looks, depends on who's looking.

    Same for mixed race adults in my opinion.


What Girls Said 2

  • I find all babies cute. :p

    But when I hear of mixed parents... as in father and mother from different ethnicity... That is super cute... when I see them get along really well.

    • Different ethnicities doesn't necessarily mean different races. German and British (both majority white) are different ethnicities. So are Japanese and Vietnamese (mainly Asian) So are Zimbabwe and Nigerian (mainly black). I don't think mixing these ethnic pairs with get you mixed "looking" children. Now mixed them up, say British (White) and Zimbabwe (black) that will get you mixed "looking" (race mix) offspring as well as mixed ethnicity and culture.

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    • @complicated_soul - No problem. Those terms get confused all the time. Ethnicity, nationality, culture, heritage, race. By the time u sort it all out (which is impossible), it's like "who cares?" Lol. People are people and though they may look different physically, they are not different biologically.

    • Lol, yep! :)


  • I dont think being mixed automatically makes children the cutest or adults the best looking.

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