What do you think of my crown?

So, hey hi! I'm the brother of Bree and...
She's too annoying and childish (but I love her). What do you think of this photo?
Yesterday she made a tantrum to me for buy her this crown! In the middle of Walmart! That was so embarrassing, guys!
What do you think of this?
What do you think of my crown?

  • She's annoying and childish
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  • She looks good
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  • Let her be the way she want!
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  • You should treat better your own sister, bro!
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Que hijo de puta que sos! Te odio, maldito cabrĂ³n! 😂😂😂


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  • She look good with that crown.

  • You look like Princess Peach from 8 bit Mario ^_^...

    You look Cute


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