Girls, would you date a guy who has gynecomastia (man boobs)?

So first off hypothetically speaking, say you liked this guy for a really long time and he is very nice and attractive then come to find out he has man boobs and he's not even nessicarily fat, he's actually quite skinny. Something like this actually happened to me. I was at camp and all the guys took off their shirts to play soccer and then I saw my crush without his shirt on. At first I was just kind of shocked because, he seemed very healthy and then I just thought dang I liked him for such a long time and then I just find it out. Now I'll admit I was a little judgmental at first, but they weren't really that bad I guess becuase they only shook a little bit and they probably could of been worse. But I had liked him for such along time and if I would of stopped liking him right there becuase of his boobs, then I thought it would mean I only liked him for his looks. But I actually liked him for his personality more than his looks tbh. And what I think the problem really was is thta he used to do drugs before and that can be one of the causes of man boobs. So would you still date him though?


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  • would not date him.