Why is it that a majority of girls assume all mixed guys are conceited?

I always here a lot of women say that they want a black guy or a white guy, but I'm surprised that you dont often hear "I want a guy who offers the best of both worlds!"


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  • Because these light skinned n*ggas be feeling themselves too much, acting like got damn females.

    • Ion know what mixed nighas y'all be hangin around

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    • Funny how so many think black/white is the only racial mix. Must be that black/white mix is the only mix people care about.

      Maybe not funny, but interesting.

    • I know that there are other mixed race but in these situations, its often the ones who are mixed with black/white, white/latino, black/latino, or black/white/latino

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  • What makes you say "a MAJORITY
    of girls assume ALL mixed guys are conceited"? A "majority" of girls even just here in the USA is A LOT OF GIRLS!!! Or do you mean the majority of girls you're around most often.

    What causes you to draw this broadly generalized conclusion?

    • Basically a majority of girls in my state. This saying has been common from a variety of girls at my elementary, middle school, high school, and college. Its not directed towards me, but more so of mixed people that I know. Like I never here guys say that about mixed girls, but girls often say they dont want a mixed guy

  • haha I've never been discriminated or judged because I'm mixed, just the way I act

    • Thats what I mean though. A lot of girls assume that all mixed guys act conceited

    • ... I'm not agreeing with that at all

  • If anyone thinks that, they are completely fucking stupid... sorry...

    • Well I know a lot of completely stupid people lol

    • We're surrounded by them!