Do smaller people, guys and girls, get ignored more or less noticed?

Or is that not true?

  • Yes for both genders
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  • Yes for guys
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  • Yes for girls
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  • Yes except for guys or girls with attractive faces
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Umm why is "neither get ignored" not an option?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Short girl is a turn on, especially if everything is still proportional.

    As for short guys, it's a yes and no. I have friends that experienced both. One was around 5'3 5'4 ish but was very charming and genuinely nice to people, and is currently dating. While the other one, is too self conscious of his height, and works out like crazy to try to "get big" to make up for his height, he doesn't have much luck with the ladies.


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What Girls Said 1

  • I think short girls just look younger like me i'm only 5 ft 1 personally i hate it. but eh i think some people like shorter girl so i think we get less ignored then short boys


What Guys Said 2

  • Yeah smaller people regardless of gender are less noticed.

  • Guys love short girls
    Never heard of a girl liking short guys😕

    • What about short girls?

    • Guys tend to dig 'em

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