Why do most people hate their own voice and yet almost everyone else loves theirs?

We saw this in the recent question where GAG users were asked to share their voices. Most were hesitant saying something negative about their voice. Yet when others listened, they responded positively and saw nothing wrong with the voice.

I myself don't really like my voice, but I've had a similar reaction when i shared my voice.

What is the reason for this phemonenon?


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  • Maybe because it's just so different from the voice we feel like we have.


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  • It's actually a pretty interesting phenomenon. There is actually a psycological reasoning behind all of it. Part of it could be the fact of self criticism people have. We know it is "our" voice so we are disapproving of it. Our largest critic is ourself. There were studies that show however, that one will actually rate their voice better than anyone elses only if they don't recognize it and know it is theirs. If they know it is their voice though, the person will despise it. I know the feeling, I despise my voice haha.

    The other part of it is because it sounds different than how we interpret it. We perceive sounds in two ways-- air perceived and bone perceived. The way we hear the people around us (other voices and such) are all air perceived. Yet, the way we hear our own voice (when speaking) is both air perceived and bone perceived. When we hear a recording of ourselves, it changes to being air perceived.
    Basically, the way we expect our voices to sound is different than how it actually sounds, so we don't like the subtle differences. Same phenomenon applies to photos. Our perception of ourselves through the mirror isn't how our photos look so we naturally have a dislike for photos of ourselves.

    Have I confused you? Well, a better explanation possibly would be this...


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  • maybe because you're not used to hearing it.

    I hate the way my voice sounds too
    I can't say exactly why tho. It's not really high pitched or anything, I just don't like it :/

  • Our voices sound different to us than they do to other people. Maybe that's why.

  • Cause we perceive our voice differently than other people. It's coming from inside our own head after all, not the same as an external voice from someone in front of us.