Harisson Ford vs Richard Gere. Who's more attractive?

Harisson Ford - 6'1"

Harisson Ford vs Richard Gere. Who's more attractive?

Richard Gere - 5'10"

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  • I've always had a thing for Ford...

    • Would you date him if he asked you out?

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    • Bruakakaka

    • What does that mean?

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  • That is the world's most difficult question! lol! I'd say Gere, especially when he gets older! He gets better with age!

    No, no, no! Wait! Blade Runner Ford!

    That is such a tough question! My mind is blown! lol!

  • Why did you put their height?

    • Because it affects attractiveness very much

    • No you should have not put height and then see who people choose. I chose Harrison ford because I think he has a better looking face. I love the scruffle and square shaped head, that other guy has a very oblong face. It has nothing to do with his height

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