Girls, am I ugly? Will I get a girlfriend or even female friends?

don’t smoke or drink
rarely party (only to hang with / make new friends)
treat girl with respect
women are people and not just sex objects
caring and loyal
love to travel and try new things
enjoy gaming and movies (comedy, action, superhero)
work out at the gym
HS graduate (18)
will study Comp Sci in CSUEB

Not many friends from hs due to cliques (only 1 group of 5 guys and 1 girl)
Shy (won't shut up around a friend)
5 foot 8
160 lbs
slightly pushover
not too competittive (if another guy likes you, I may let him have you)
still a virgin

I ask cuz the people outside my social circle were nice to me in school and talked to me, but always rejected my hang out plans. they stayed in their fucking cliques. I try to be confident, but almost always get shot down. this lowered my grades. How do i become more friend (hangout)/boyfriend material? I take things VERY seriously. and HOW do I make female friends? I don't have many friends who'd introduce me to people. Is cold approach a good way to meet girls? How to avoid giving a vibe of getting in her pants? What do you think? How'll I get to hug or hang with a girl at this rate? WTF is with hs people (I went after the popular AND average people).

Girls, am I ugly? Will I get a girlfriend or even female friends?

Will I find friends like these?


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  • You'll be fine. You're not ugly, from the description seems like you got a good head on your shoulders. I suggest changing your style of clothing though. Plus, college isn't as cliquey as high school.


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  • Honestly I would just suggest putting in a lot of time at the gym to get big muscles. Get a cuter hair cut or just shave your hair off so it's really short. I don't see why girls wouldn't like you if you did this.

    • wtf i go to the gym

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    • How do you ask for her opinion and get mad when she shares it

    • @loveme15 that's what I'm saying lmao

  • You look sweet

  • There are things you can do to get better looking; work out, get a nice hair cut, start dressing better.

    Friends shouldn't choose from your looks though.

    • I go to the gym, but what do you mean dress better (this is pajamas)?

    • Then I wouldn't know, since I don't know your everyday style. But I mean buy clothes that look good, clothes that are "in"