What would you rate me 1-10?

Women are never interested in me on OKCupid or Tinder so I figure I must be ugly.What would you rate me 1-10?


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  • Stop flashing signs, make a normal face, ask a friend to help you take a pic that's further from your face, and you'll be a lot more successful.

    You're giving off the used car salesman vibe and I'm sure that's not you at all.


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  • Are those your Tinder pictures?

    Let me say I don't use Tinder, but if I did I wouldn't swipe right (if I was a girl)

    Post full body shots. Posting head shots makes it seem like you are hiding something (such as being fat, I'm not saying you are I'm just saying what a female might think)

    Lose the sunglasses. Again it looks like you are hiding something.

    Post pictures of you doing something, which doesn't include sitting in a car.

    Lose the "peace" signal, that looks ridiculous.


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  • You are not ugly by any means, you are not David Beckham, but nobody is. I think the reason you aren't getting feedback is because you give off a bit of a creepy vibe. Maybe your profile needs fixing as well. Try to take pictures of you doing things you love. That should really get you more interest'

    • A creepy vibe? How's so?
      But yes you're right I should take more pics of me doing other things. I just don't take too many pictures of my self, period lol

    • Creepy because the half smirk is the only facial expression in any of the pictures and only your face is in the pictures. Maybe an actual smile every couple pictures and one that includes either your whole body or more of your upper half

    • Ugh lol. I hate doing full smiles I feel it brings out the worst of in my pictures for some reason, but I'll give it a go lol.

  • Would bang for sure 👌🏼

  • Not my type but you aren't ugly.


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