My Mom keeps mentioning my weight?

My Mom has always been skinny her whole life. She has a auto amune disorder in which she can't eat weat, and she's really skinny because of that too. My whole life she has said I was at the perfect body weight, 5'1 and like 90 pounds. Over the summer, I gained some weight. I'm probbibly 5'2 now, and about 100 pounds. I didn't do any physical activity over the summer, so that's why. The whole summer Iv'e felt really insecure about myself. I noticed that my stomache wasn't flat and my thighs were a bit thicker. I put on a little more cream cheese on my taco last week, and she said ''Have some taco with that cream cheese. Careful, it will give you rolls." And I ate a lot of ice cream one day and she was like "Watch your carbs, geez." And today we were talking about how my friend could do a pull up. When I said I couldn't do one, she said. "I wouldn't expect u to. Only the skinny girls could at my school." Then she said my friend was ''big" and she was surprised she could do a pull up. When I said "are u calling my "friend fat?" She said, "U shouldn't talk, your really pushing it. About to break the seam off those pants." I said that I've had those pants for 5 years, and she responded "ya but it looks like you got wider in the hips and not any taller haha." Why is my mom constantly talking about my weight? I didn't get THAT much fatter, and it IS the summer. I broke out in tears after she said that. I don't want to talk to her about it but how can I make her stop? Do u think she's being mean or reasonable?


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  • You're weight sounds perfect nothing wrong at all. No offence but seems like your mom has a very skinny and frail image of any girl. That's not healthy and At times to everyone it looks unappealing. But really don't care about what others think of your body.
    You're mom is concerned. But she could put this message across a tad bit softer. Now, don't go and starve yourself.. that's the last anyone would want! To maintain this great weight of yours and to satisfy your mom..
    -eat healthy
    -exercise 30 minutes a day
    -treat yourself once a week
    Don't reduce your calorie intake! You DON'T have to lose weight at all.
    Take care and be frank with your mom. Tell her that you're good the way you are in fact perfect! Think it this way your mom is skinny and perfect as you've said above and she's lived this way all her life therefore she thinks skinny is healthy but you need to understand that everyone has a different body type and are gifted in different ways. You maintain your healthiness.. And if you eat junk here and there.. no biggie! Tomorrow is still there for greater deeds.
    Don't starve you're body will begin to store fats..
    Take care.. you can message me any time. 😄💕


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  • Just ignore her. You're obviously still growing and your body needs the fuel to do that. My niece will eat a ton and then sprout up like a weed overnight. Can you talk to your dad about it at all?