If someone only gets asked out by attractive people, would that make them attractive?

I've really never considered myself attractive.. average i guess. not really attractive. but in the past six months especially, I've noticed that mainly the only people whos attention i catch are pretty attractive. and at the same time for some reason about 3 years older than me most of the time.. anyway, if someone comes up and asks for my number or cat calls me, theyre usually 8s and up. would that make me attractive? im fifteen. i dont like attention, shy away from it actually, but this got me wondering..


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  • Yes that is actually how it works. People say "beauty is in the eye of the beholder", like it means anybody can be attractive. But what they don't consider is the beauty of the BEHOLDER themselves. If only ugly people think you're pretty, and attractive people don't, well that doesn't do you much good now does it? How can you say you are pretty when all these handsome guys don't think so? Conversely, if lots of attractive people think you're good looking, that goes a long way towards assessing your physical appearance.

    And what people often forget when talking about this is we are talking about JUST physical appearance. There's plenty of people who don't hold looks as the number one priority, and may love somebody who is not the most attractive but still has wonderful qualities as a human being.


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  • I wouldn't know unless I saw a picture, but it sure seems like it. If you get attention from guys that are attractive, they either think you are attractive, or, for some asshole guys of the world, they you are easy or they could convince you to sleep with them because they are 8s+.

  • Well, it depends if you think they're attractive or if you and everyone else thinks so.

  • No, no, no, no! Attraction is subjective. Your question doesn't stand.


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