How to make friends and date girls in college?

I feel college is the easiest time to make friends and date since there is a LOT of people, not many are experienced, and money is not a problem. However, I had a hard time doing these things in hs (only had one clique, and everyone else was closed off in their own cliques. and the girls i DID meet were nice, but not willing to hang, even as friends). I have some questions.

1. will being in comp sci give me time to make friends and meet girls, since it is time consuming and male dominated?

2. will having limited hobbies (gaming and movies) hinder my ability to make friends and date? my parents say to only focus on grades and worry about these later.

3. how do I get into the college hookups and the sex?

4. how to make friends (both male and female) and actually go hang out with them (not just study groups)

5. Will joining an adventure club or some cultural clubs or even a co ed frat work?

6. good icebreakers to meet new people?

7. how to turn an aquaintance into a friend?

8. how to turn a female friend into a girlfriend or FWB?

9. girls, how do you prefer to be asked out? Will being Indian, muscleless, 5 foot 8, and 160 lbs hinder me?

10. How do I look? would I be digged by any chicks?

11. do nice guys finish last?

12. my grades in hs dropped since I had a hard time making friends. how to prevent grades from dropping?

13. will dorming help me?

14. how to make a female best friend and still hang with her, even if she has a boyfriend or if she is married later on?

15. how to make a diverse social circle to go out with? I mean all kinds of people, guys, girls, whites, and Asians.

how to make friends and date girls in college?



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  • 1. you will meet almost no girls in comp sci, its like 95% male on most campuses, the ones you do meet may be as awkward as you.

    2. find groups, dont be a lone gamer because you'll miss out on the college experience, you can always play video games later, college while you're young is a ONE TIME EXPERIENCE

    3. go out, meet girls, try to kiss, try to get them back to your room, its different case by case

    4. join clubs, join groups, talk to classmates, ask them to hangout in a non study way

    5. maybe

    6. Hi my name is... is good enough for me

    7. talk with them regularly, hang out once a week or something, you need to talk with people

    8. you ask them, ask them out or ask them to be friends with benefits, good luck with that lol

    9. yes it will work against you if you play to the stereotype of being nerdy, have no personality and keep to yourself

    10. n/a

    11. no but nice guys who think they should get laid for being nice finish last though

    12. focus on studying... who your friends are shouldn't affect your studies

    13. with meeting people, yes. I recommend it over staying at home with mom and dad.

    14. i dont know

    15. hang out with different people, open yourself up to new hobbies and new experiences, you'll meet all kinds of different people that way


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  • Just be yourself - Keep being friendly and you never know what might happen

  • i don't see why it matters. though you look a little nerdy.