Girls, would you rather have a guy with a good face and mediocre teeth? Or a guy with a mediocre face and good teeth?

So would you rather have a guy with a good face, but not so great teeth (they are still hygenic, mind you; but they are just kinda crooked and he can't really smile with his teeth showing properly - so he only smirks with his lips closed), or a guy with a face that's quite a bit less attractive, but perfectly straight teeth?

  • Good face and mediocre teeth
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  • Mediocre face and good teeth
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  • this question depends on how messed up are the teeth and how fine is the face


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  • U r the guy who asked if he should get braces and what he could change about his appearence

    • What?

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    • Send me the link of the question your talking about. I may have asked it, but I'm not sure.

    • OK let me find it