Guys, what makes the Indian girl much better than the black girl?

what makes the Indian girl "gorgeous" and "hot" to guys and girls
and the black girl just average or kinda okay and pretty, besides the fact her hair is a mess and not done well.
when standing next to eachother why is the black one ignored completely.

https:/ /
s909. photobucket.


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easier link
/i909. photobucket. com/albums/ac300/zulily770/indianblack_zpstm5sc2yb. png
Why is every guy lying on this site?
This question was asked on Y! A and most white guys agreed that even if the black girl was "kind of" cute the Indian girl is WAAAAYYY hotter and better.


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  • lol way to make black girls feel like shit.

    • yep :)

    • Are you an Indian girl?

    • why? you like Indian girls right? black girls aren't nearly as pretty.. as evidenced in the linked pic

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  • Says who... you? You don't speak for all guys and certainly not me.

    Hidden behind the coward anon of course.

  • What people are you talking about that are ignoring?

    • guys from 15-72, I don't know, especially white men like the Indian girl's features way more than the black girl's

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    • stop lying! everyone on Y! A said the Indian girl is WAAAYYY hotter.

    • Please stop calling my a liar.
      I don't know what Y! A is and I don't care what everyone there said. I'm allowed to have my own opinion on the matter and don't have to think like everyone on this Y! A thing. Everyone is not the same with the same taste.

  • LOL nothing. They both look bad tbh.

  • Indian girls are waaaaaaaaaaay uglier than any race on planet. the site you are talking about might be about actresses. Well there are exceptions in every race must most of them have uneven skin tone hairy body and ugly faces. I am 100 percent sure you are a indian girl.

  • Facially Indians look more Caucasian than Africans do.

  • I like black girls just as much as Indian girls.

    • You a bitch.

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    • What's clear is the asker is nuts... I mean in this pic she's like.5 better, which isn't much...
      I am trying to imagine the black girl on a good day... since this was clearly the Indian girl's best day.
      Now that I look, the black girl doesn't even have on eye crap and the Indian girl does. Why compare a girl on her worst day with no makeup to a girl with makeup? I hope they are not friends in real life. Women have always been psychotic. I actually think the Indian girl is jealous and chose the worst possible pic of that black girl.

    • ^^ why did you answer you're own question?
      You're not the Indian girl OR the black girl, are you?
      You're trying to make them both look bad.

  • What a link. Not gonna open that. too much effort.

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