Girls, how does your breast size compare with your close relatives'?

For instance, there are girls whose boobs are bigger even than their mom's or older sister's. Are you one of them? If so, how has the reaction been in your family? Personally, how have you felt about owning big boobs and being the most busty woman at home?


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  • my mom is like a F cup, her bra fits on my head like a hat, she is maybe 50 lbs overweight though, not too bad... mine are a 34A/32B. I am ok with it for the most part, i have been picked on by my cousin and aunt for it, but i think they look nice. I mean what options do i have accept or get implants, neither are great.

  • Nobody cares but yes... My boobs are the biggest out of all my sisters and my mother. My aunts breasts are like triple E and above. But I'm 14 and I wear 36d.