How to be confident? Im scared that im too ugly and no one likes me?


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  • Take a look through this MyTake
    a girl did so well to explain it.

    Basically, I know it may sound slightly weird
    but the thing is, our brain is greatly prone, to trickery.

    Just like one may feel down, and lose
    confidence in oneself, should people make
    rude remarks..

    The same goes the other way..

    If people around you, or even yourself
    let's you know, how amazing of a person you are
    your brain will eventually, also believe that.

    It doesn't have to be awkward either, it can
    all forego inside of your head..

    Just keep praising yourself for every little thing you do
    cooked dinner? great! took a walk? awesome! it could
    even be something like, you thought positively, rather than negatively
    since this'll suggest, that you beat the negative feelings.

    Just find all your small victories
    literally, anything small will do.

    Eventually, you will notice a positive
    change, in the way you think. ^.^

    • Thank You so much

    • Unfortunately from personal experience of doing this, it only works for a certain amount of time, the key is to upfront your negative scary thoughts and ask yourself.. Is this any bit a fact or just something I have put into my head and once you come to terms that these aren't facts the negatives thoughts will go away and you will automatically love yourself, of course everyone is different but I am just speaking from experience
      Here a video to explain it more if you want to watch

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  • Your profile pic looks okay to me - Confidence comes from within - Believe in yourself and don't worry what other people think.

  • who says you are ugly?

    and for the record... people don't just like you for how you look!
    Its far more than that.

  • Don't worry you are no the only one to think that way. I'm ugly aswell. by the way you look cute to me and whoever says different can get off this page.


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