How to feel good about my body?

Im 23 and virgin.
I want to have sex but im scared and insecure. i hate my body and in my mind i think all guys will too.

How do i feel good about myself and my body enough to open myself to a guy? cause i currently have a guy who wants to have sex with me and says im beautiful but im still scared to actualy do anything

he's 25

im 5'0 and on the 'bigger curvier side' but he's not small either he's 6'1 280 pounds


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  • u dont have to have sex if ur not ready u know...

    • im ready, my mind just isn't ready... lol

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    • yes, so u wait until u aren't so confused anymore. dont force anything if it's still a little iffy :) please PLEASE make sure he doesn't end up using u.

    • Lol I'm not confused he made me confuses.

      Yupp that's what I'm scared of... Him using me or us sleeping together and then never talk to me. I'm hoping he has some feeling/ cares about me enough not to do that

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  • why do you want to have sex that much..
    you are not ready, so dont do it, never mind

  • dont rush into sex, you'll quickly learn , when you are comfortable with your body and image eventually.. that its easy to get sex as a woman.

    the real question is what is the QUALITY that you want, that you deserve? set your bar high.


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  • Being short is not a bad thing I'm only 5"2 u have to love yourself first