Today's outfit, guess it's still too short for the majority?

nyway, comments are always welcome :)


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  • I saw a guy who wore loose white cotton pants as short as yours in Paris. I thought he looked fine.

    • That sounds interesting. If mines were loose I would not be able to prevent some accidents, If you know what I mean.

    • There exists something called tighty whitey.

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  • They're still too short but your legs still look good and you love them so it's fine. What's with the poor stuffed animals being held hostage on your door? 😉

  • Your body, your style, your behavior of posting questions like these... Seems like you're gay. Am I right? That was not an insult by the way, just an observation because you kinda fit the stereotype.

  • Well I a confused... Is it a girl or a guy?

    I think a different style of shorts would appeal better in long legs...

    • I'm a guy

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    • I've been wearing these for four years now. They might think I'm gay, that is nothing compared to being able to wear what I like. As long as I don't get beaten up I don't care what they think.

    • Well that's all up to you as I said. Wear what you like but they look girlish on you... For example if you were looking to find a girlfriend, your chances slim down drastically.. If not well, style as you wish.

  • Do you always wear these girly shorts? I've seen you posted at least 3 pics in these kind of shorts.
    They're too short, in my opinon..

    • He just wants people to stare at his legs for some reason. He's been doing this for years.

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    • @ihatethiswebsite But, when will they stop? I've seen some guys and girls post their same selfie over and over again and ask people to rate thrm.
      At first, I was like, you're cute
      But after they asked same question 20+ times. It gets on my nerves.
      It makes them unattractive in my eyes, lol

    • I've seen some post like literally 50 times lol

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