Girls, how do I look? will I have better luck in college?

whenever I meet a girl (or guy) in hs, we become friendly with each other, but I always get rejected if I ask him or her to hangout or if I ask a girl out on a date. WTF are the girls like this? they always have tight ass cliques or boyfriends. I joined clubs, even THEN people came with friends, making it hard for me to mingle. I DID make a social circle of 5 guys and 1 girl, but that's because they were open minded and wanting to meet me. I went to a college orientation, and people there were WAY nicer and open minded. and this has affected my grades (went down). so, I have some questions

1. is college better socially? was it for you? will I have better luck making friends and meeting girls?

2. my major is computer science, so will that make it hard (since limited time and few girls = little time or opportunity to make friends and meet girls).

3. how do I make female friends who I can hang with? I was nice and talkative in hs, but was ALWAYS overlooked.

4. since being nice didn't help me in hs, should I stop being nice? do nice guys finish last?

5. I went dateless to prom, so how to relive this in college? are there formal events (I know frat formal and my Filipino club has winter formals). how do I ask a girl to it?

6. how do I get good grades?

7. how can I have a social circle to go out with and to live life and see America's finest?

8 are college students (especially girls) more friendlier and open minded than hs students?

9. my hobbies include video games and movies, so will that hinder my ability to make friends (especially with girls)?

10. how do I look? am I ugly?

Girls, how do I look? will I have better luck in college?

11. how do I find friends like these?

12. how do I get invited to parties?

13. will being Indian, 160 lbs, 5 foot 8, and muscleless hinder me? will I look too weak or short?

14. I am not too confident or funny, so will THAT hinder me? how can I change these?

15. what are sample icebreakers to introduce myself in a non creepy way?

16. how do I make a girl laugh?

17. how to get into the college sex and hookups?


many people say I'm very friendly and that I'll have nice friends and meet a beautiful girl who'll love me for who I am.


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  • College is what you make it. No one is going to go out of their way to be your friend. If you want a social life then you need to make that happen. If you act the same way you did in high school then nothing will change in college

  • just be yourself and im sure you'll be fine.