Workouts and dieting?

To anyone who works out and is on a diet (and has muscles / 6 pack), how do you do your exercises? what food do you eat (my parents are hindu, so they won't let me eat beef/steak)? and what hobbies you have (that do not involve gaming/movies/computers)? can i still get in shape in a month (that's when I'll start studying Comp Sci (a time consuming and male dominated major)?

girls, do you like weak guys? how do I look in your eyes? even if I'm not physically strong, I am nice, caring, polite to everyone I meet. Will I make friends and attract girls in college? I feel it's the easiest time in life to get into a casual relationship due to opportunity and less expectations (not too muscular nor does $$$ matter in college).

workouts and dieting?


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  • I'm a vegetarian (even vegan at the moment) and I even have some abs, not a 6pack of course lol but enough abs for a girl so just because you can't eat red meat that's not an excuse - there are so many more protein sources that are far more efficient than meat and last but not least there are protein shakes if you're really serious about it - I think my abs are only really visible because I have overall low body fat percentage though so losing weight will be key.
    I prefer when a guy is physically stronger than me because it would make me feel more protected and safe and I like that feeling, shouldn't be too hard for a guy to be stronger than me though since I'm literally weak lol especially in my arms 😅

    • what about buttermilk? is that ok?

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    • and how DO I look to you?

    • Quite frankly?
      I think you should lose some weight, no offence by that though & it's nothing that's gonna be impossible to change

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