Girls, Will I ever find a date?

I been really obsessed on my looks cause I never dated a girl ever since I was 14 I am 21 years old still virgin...
Girls, Will I ever find a date?

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  • You're cute, but you have a baby face, which causes you to appear younger than you are.

    The best way to get a girl is approaching people in your immediate vicinity, not complete strangers. Most females don't trust strangers, because of creepy past experiences with different guys.

    I would suggest becoming more active & take up weightlifting.
    P90X & Body Beast in home dvds would be a great place to start.

    See this take about attire:

    Advice from other men:

    • Thank you I well get a better hair cut it does look ugly I just get it shaved like a military hair cut. I am joining the police force so yeah but thinks it has been depressing me about that on how my facial expressions look though. Thinking that I look ugly etc but thank you very much I am reading them atm and learning. :)