Need someone to help me decide on a good style of clothes anyone want to hel me out?

Looking for some people to suggest some clothes and styles haha so I have an idea on what would look good on me. I'm looking for descriptive stuff and pictures would be awesome!! Anyone want to help a brother out 😁

Updates: some pics of me haha but i sorta want to change my style up a little bit haha make it more mature and expensive looking if you get what im saying haha


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  • whats your type of style?

    • i want a nice stylish sorta style haha i know does'nt help much but i really love beanies and hoodies and i just want something that is nice on the eyes haha i don't care about how expensive the style is as long as its not tailored suits :p

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    • Yo, just google image indie-alternative men's fashion and go from their. That's the vibe you give and you have the face features to pull it off, tho honestly u look 15

    • haha hey! when i'm older i'm sure i won't be angry i look younger than my actual age haha and thanks i will

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  • this style in yer profile pic suits u pretty good already... but yet it makes u look kinda older than yer age so i'd not approve tbh...

    Da style in yer "I really want to go traveling a bunch with friends!" pic's far superior in my opinion... it makes u appear more closer to yer age.. of course straw skirt (or wotever's it) is xcluded ;p


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  • What look do you want to go for?

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