Girls, a little advice please?

Ok so I just noticed that my boobs are sagging and I know it's cause my bra is a bit too big. I've tried telling my mom that I need new bras but she refuses to listen to me! When she does buy new bras, she goes off to buy them without me so the problem still stands!! What should I do?


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  • Have you tries tightening the straps? That makes the bra fit a little better. You should google bra alterations for bras that are too big. If this is effort lol then just order one online have it delivered you your house. If your mums home just make something up about it being a present for a friend. Dont feel like this is a bad thing or your going against your mum because you are doing this for the needs of your body😊

    • I've tried tightening and all but it's still too big; plus my family doesn't shop online so my mom wold get suspicious right away.

    • I would suggest the next time you go out to town with your friends buy a new bra that looks like the one you've got now but it's the correct size. Once you've bought it put it on in the changing rooms and then throw away your old one😊.