Girls who are around college age (late teens or early 20's), would you give me a shot if I approached you?

Girls who are around college age (late teens or early 20's), would you give me a shot if I approached you? PLEASE NOTE: I can't grow hair even if I tried, it's not fully by choice.

I've seen guys post about hair-loss and baldness, and in a way it comforts me to know I'm not alone, and I posted a pic of me before asking if my head shape was decent but I gotta wonder how I would rate in the young dating scene, anyway I have a scalp condition called TE, it would take too long to explain it but I can't grow scalp hair and I decided to shave my head, (I'm 20) and I'll be starting college soon and would appreciate honesty on if I can have confidence in my looks, so girls if I approached you would you be put off or turned off by my bald head? Be honest please, I honestly say looks are a deal breaker factor for me so please return the honesty favor. Also I was always told to put two good pics and one not so good one so people know the whole view in pictures that's why there's the crappy mirror selfie haha. Personally if I knew I could get an attractive girl I'll really like I wouldn't give two shits about no hair, so while I am concerned it hasn't destroyed my self image like some guys.

NOTE!!!:please only answer the poll if you are lighter skinned, nothing against darker races but I seen it asked here before if darker complexions like shaved heads more and I'm doing a study about races finding different traits aesthetically pleasing for school and want to factor this in, so if you're black or darker skinned feel free to leave a comment but please only do the poll if you're lighter complexioned, as that's my control group in the study. (For this section at least) Please don't take that as against any race etc it's just for a study...

but yeah girls could you be attracted to me if I approached you? Would you give a guy like me a shot? (Assume personality works and that you're available, just base on physical for this question please)

  • I think you look good I'd give you a shot!
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  • I'd be nice but I honestly couldn't see myself dating a bald guy at this age
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  • Honestly baldness creeps me out, I'd turn you down right away
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Here's a pic of the side of the head in case anyone was concerned about the head shape
Well class has started lets hope the girls I meet in person think the same as the majority who did here!


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  • You have lovely eyes! I would definitely give you a shot.

    • So the no hair isn't a big deal to you? Even with my paleness? Haha I just can't tan at all :(

    • It's not a big deal at all. And I can't tan either lol.

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