Girls, what do you think of my physique?

Girls, what do you think of my physique?

So yeah do you think it's an attractive body? I know face is important too but just ignore that for now.

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If people don't mind this attractive, can I get a reason? So far it seems like it's just that my abs aren't good enough from my understanding.


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  • It's aight. Could use some work but at least u work out.

    • What part needs work?

    • It depends on what look ur going for. If u want to looks cut and jacked, then everything. If I just want to look healthy then just maintain what I have. If u wanna b yoked then everything. Just depends on what look u want, that's all.
      For me personally, I like more muscle. But lots of girls think it's gross.

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  • you are lucky! you have between the triangle and square body type. thus you have the perfect body to exercise and it is most desired. work on those packs some more, it'll look good!

  • A guy I'm my class has better abs then you do

    • Lol what's your point?

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    • I may only be 15 but I'm not scared to tell you what I think

    • I'm in my early 20's. I don't think I really care what 15 years old think. I wasn't looking for girls to say "yes you make me want to fuck you." I was asking for feedback on where I stand and how to improve. Also, the percentage of guys that have chiseled abs like channing Tatum is probably below 10%.