I got a haircut recently, how does it look (links to pictures)?

My brother said it looks really bad, that i shoudnt have bangs, and it should be combed to the side. but im not sure what to think. I've sort of seen this style around. but it might just not work out for me? any suggestions?


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  • I'd say flip it back. This looks like a messy, out of bed look which can be cute, and looks totally fine on you, but swept back will look nice, I think :)


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  • That looks fine to me


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  • Its a nice actually just need to modify a bit. Just don't sweep your bangs in front of your forhead. Flip it back, give it some volume back there, and maybe leave a few stray hairs in front for style.
    Or you could flip it to the side.

  • The hair length is workable.. What'd look better is if you just swept the hair in the front to go back or yea keep it up but to the side.


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