Natural way to make black spots go away?

Haha that rhymed a little. But anyways back to the question. I want to clear my dark spots on my face with stuff I can mix up from the kitchen. I want to hear from people who actually tried and has worked for them with whatever they\you did. If not, what cream works best from Wal-Mart? I don't want to buy one over 10 but I still want to know which one works best. So please help with any tips or advice on how to make dark spots go away in at least a week


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  • The only way I know is this:
    get an exfoliate thingy. (machine) they aren't cheap but you can find them for $40
    exfoliate with your exfoliate machine and cream so your skin is clean.
    Put on the warm tap or boil some water. Put a towel over your head and hang over the bowl or sink, the steam that comes of will open your pores (sauna like)
    After 5-10 minutes, stop. Put on acne creme or tee tree oil.
    This will usually get rid of them. Look at the video of rclbeauty101 noted pimples or smth, that's a broader way of getting rid of them. black spots are basically filth in your pores, so clean your face thoroughly at least once a week.


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  • If you can afford it, use esteem lauder cyber white products, it's meant to lighten any dark spots. Also If not you can try using the lush teatree rose water everyday xx