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What do you think of Zendaya? Disney Star of Shake It Up and KC Undercover

Rate this girl?

  • That girl can really dance!
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  • She's gorgeous, funny, and chill!
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  • Sorry, not a fan.
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  • I love her different hair and dress styles.
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  • Who is she? Never heard of her.
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  • Sometimes she wears too much make up.
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  • Finally she's legal!
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Most Helpful Girl

  • She's so real on Twitter and Instagram! I'd love to be her friend.

    • I know I want to be her friend in real life lol

Most Helpful Guy

  • She is hot! Love to take her out on a couple days

    • Lol she just became legal haha

    • Damn!

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What Guys Said 3

  • She is attractive - I have no idea who she is but her personality sucks in video

    • Her personality sucks period. she's an attention whore. Just saying

    • Lmao sorry wrong question. No zendaya has a great personality.

  • Voted F I think she's pretty but the makeup is just too heavy sometimes.

    • Yea she doesn't even need all that. I also dont see why she wears wigs when she has naturally long beautiful hair

    • Oh yeah I forgot about the wigs as well

  • I don't like her personality.

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