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  • I hate how she acts on Lip Sync Battle.
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  • She tries to hard.
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  • she's pretty.
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  • John Legend is one lucky fellow.
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  • Keep your clothes on when on Instagram.
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  • Her voice is annoying af.
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  • Chrissy & the Chipmunks
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Most Helpful Guy

  • She looks attractive and since I don't know who she is I can't comment on her personality.

    • This is the question where I meant to call out the attention whore lol

    • Thanks for MHG

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  • I actually really like her personality (from watching severl tv shows featuring her) and she is very beautiful as well


What Guys Said 1

  • John Legend is a lucky man. He has a good woman regardless of what you think about her appearance. She's so sweet and you can tell she treats him well.

    • How is she sweet? Habe you not watched her? she's always hoeing around and flirting with other guys. John just sits back and let her. But whatever, thats them. she's also quite rude in overly sarcastic. I like the girl chipmunks more than this chickmunk

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    • No not at all. I think she's a wannabe

    • Ah. Maybe so.