Guys, if a girl tries to warn you that her boobs are saggy, do you still prefer to see her with her bra off, or do you think its best she keeps it on?

I think that if she's not comfortable taking it off, then she should keep it on. We can still have fun, bra or no bra.

  • Please keep the bra on. Its the only thing supporting those babies.
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  • Boobs are boobs. Take it off. I wanna see. I can manage.
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  • At least let me get a good look once. Then after that, you can always keep it on.
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  • Hey, at least I can see thag they're real.
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  • I'll pay for her to get a breast lift.
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  • I prefer clothes on during sex anyways.
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  • I don't value a girl based on breast size/shape. Haven't run into any, yet. Breasts are breasts, all the more better if a woman feels herself to be sexy.


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  • Whatever she is most comfortable with

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