Girls, Is a big forehead on a guy unattractive?

The forehead appears large on regular pictures but in selfies it appears normal.


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  • no, i think it's fine, but i'm those kinda people that don't judge, i think what it's inside is what matters :)


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  • Sorry but yes I hate it. Its part of why I hate when guys wear caps. I once seen a cutie... But when he took his cap off, he had a tall Frankenstein forhead. I know y'all can't hhelp it but dang

    • How big is to big?

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    • What if the bangs were grown out to cover some of the forehead but the hairlone is technically a bit high. Think Aschten kitchen but less handsome obviously. Lol you prob drule over kitchen.

    • Yes Bangs would help

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