How can I be hot if I'm skinny?

are there any male hot celebeds who are skinny or do you HAVE to have rpided out muscles to be considered attractive?


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  • You don't HAVE to be ripped or possess muscles in order to be attractive, but having muscles can definitely raise your attractiveness. Your face is the #1 measurement of your attractiveness, with your fashion style and attitude coming in respectively at number 2 and 3. However muscles can definitely help in complementing your overall look, especially if you're weak in the first three things I mention.

    If you're skinny then you can alway bulk up, but if you don't have any means or motivation to do that, then focus more on the other 3 things I mentioned that can influence you attractiveness (Face, Attitude, and Style).

    As for skinny male celebrities that are considered hot, well almost every single boy band (past and present) fits that description or at least once did.

    • IHAVE motivation to bulk up I just dont have the ridiculous ammound of money to keep my diet going (I gained 27 pounds) and my face is below average style is good but face is bad I dont really know about attitute to be honest. I always though girls liked pretty boys and that was the only requirement

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    • Keeping your diet can get expensive, which is why I would recommend you eat foods that are high in calories but cheap such as rice, peanut butter, tuna, eggs, whole milk, avocado, nuts, cheese, chocolate and etc.

      Peanut butter is my favorite because it is high in calories and you can slap it on practically any food such as bananas, crackers, smoothies, bread and etc. Consuming a couple of tablespoons of peanut butter every day could easily add some weight on you.

    • Well a good attitute will ponly get you as long as your looks are attractive to her old or young sorry to burst that bubble and ye si keep to those foods but food in Puerto Rico is expensive as hell a gallon of milk is like 7 dollars here plus taxes peanut butter gows for likr about 6 .50 and meats are off the charts expensive and work here is scare soo thehres where the issue lies

  • If you're skinny, just workout so you can get swole or put on healthy weight. I'm still skinny but I didn't workout really and was bony. When I started, I put on some weight (lean muscle) and became more confident in my body.

    • I've been working out but the diet cost a lot of money to eat 200plus grams of protein food here is very expensive I gained 27 pounds on my first year but taxes on food got raised and can't afford to eat like that anymore and I also can't find another job :/