How do you think I look?

I've been single for way too long and I don't understand why, maybe I'm not all that cute lol so I'll let you all rate me and tell me why I still haven't found a boo yet

How do you think I look?


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  • Girl your face look real pretty, you got them pretty doe eyes, full lips and chiseled bone structure. But imma guess you real skinny and that's a problem cause we men like something to grab and feel up. That face tho, I bet plenty of fellas wanna kiss u

    • Thanks Lol, and I'm a bit skinny but I can't do too much with that because its a family trait but we all cook and eat a lot but I'm not complaining because we should all be fat as much as we eat

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  • You're ugly, that's why you've been single for way too long.


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