Girls, How to look hot and sultry?

without looking slutty or cheap? I am how can I look more glamorous and sultry?

I have a pleasant looking face and I tend to look younger than I actually am. People say I look nice and pretty but I don't look glam or say sultry.

Any tips on how to change my look in order to look better?


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  • you know your body and u know it well. u know what colours work for you, what fits, what patterns, what materials, what lengths.

    if you're going for looking hot and sultry while being elegant, it's important that u remember not to show too much skin, or if u r showing some in one area, u show much less in another. example. say u wear a backless gown. i think compensating for that by wearing a dress without cleavage showing is great.

    or if u want something that flatters ur shape, go for something fitted but not to the point where we can see ur bones.
    accessories help a lot too. belts, jewellery, glasses, hats, scarves, etc, all help to draw the eye to particular areas of ur body.