Bad pic? Anyone relate?

It's funny. Or maybe not so funny. You can be surrounded by people and yet feel so alone.

You can smile and be torn.

You put on a face and all is well while inside you are burnt out.

You keep going because you must

You keep fighting

You keep trying

One step forward and you fall flat on your face

No one seems to care

You lay there tears running down your face

You blend into the surroundings

Your pain unseen

So you smile weakly

Bad pic? Anyone relate?

And you press on

Because you are a fighter

Your hands get sweaty

From holding on so long to that fading glimmer of hope

The smell of Gun powder a graveyard of dreams and aspirations lay at your feet

You open you mouth and scream a silent scream

You search and search

Trying desperately to recover your loss

You stumble in the darkness

You keep on going

Fighting falling and standing

Reaching for the light

Knowing that somewhere there will be an end to this night.

Ora Silverman


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  • Nice post - Well written

  • "Reaching for the light" is essential, but it's your body that need light, so you should face the window and take the picture with the camera facing the inside of the room, not the actual source of light. You want the subject to be lit, you don't want to photograph the window

  • Lol were u spinning around?


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