How pretty am i?
Some people r saying im ugly and its knocking my confidence


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  • You need to get your hair thined it will help with the frizzy ness and don't worry I know about thick hair and frizzy ness but you have a pretty face don't listen to them the people who tell you that probably have a bad life at home or their scared of how pretty you are that they make you feel ugly or their just jackasses who don't have a life I dealt with all of that and they were also scared of how powerful I am and I used to be shy and wouldn't talk very much and I would let people bully me but I knew secrets about kids in my class about other people in my school about teachers and about kids in my class and older kids parents an 8th grade year I had enough and a kick was throwing erasers in my hair and I asked him to stop nicely for two days and so the third day I told him if he didn't stop I would stab him he didn't stop so I stabbed him with my pencil and at the time I didn't know how strong I was and I accidentally made him bleed but he respects me now and he stands up for me and I don't almost never get bullied now because people know I know secrets and I'm not scared to tell their secrets or their parents secrets and I will hurt them they are scared of me now I even made a 19 year old scared of me I'm sexy but I'm a scary bitch who people don't want to see me mad if you want to see me mad theirs something wrong with you plus I'm also tough because I have three brothers and three sisters and they are all older then me the oldest one is in his 30s and my youngest sister just turned 18 and she's in college but I'm scary you just can't take that shit stand up for yourself you deserve respect


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