What to do about feeling ugly?

i feel so hopeless all the time coz i know i look ugly. When i see myself in the mirror nxt to my friends i look so hideous i just wanna cry. There is literally nothing that looks good about me, my skin is dark and has acne, my nose is huge and not a nice shape, my eyes hav bags and dark circles, my lips are really small and my teeth are messed up. No guy has ever confessed to liking me and I've never been asked out. i dont want to be in a relationship or anything i just need reassurance that im not worthless. So no offence but i'm not gonna be one of those people who posts pics asking if they look good or not. and ik people are always like dont worry about wut u look like it's only personality that matters but it's not like u can plaster ur personality on ur forehead so u pretty much need to hav some kinda decent appearance. Anyone hav any advice?


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  • Have you seen a dermatologist? I take it you're black or really tan by what you said.

    Personal preference, I only like Asian girls (its their noses and eyes). So I wouldn't ask you out regardless. But, that doesn't mean I wouldn't want to be friends with you...

    Try being your best, make a close guy friend or friends


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  • realize that there is more to life than looks.


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  • I am going to say that you are not ugly only insecure about guys into other girls but not you. I can only say that I can tell if you show your picture at least.


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