Girls, what can I do to become hot/attractive?

I know I have to hit the gym hard but outside of that how can I become hot or attractive so I'm not always feeling like I'm not good enough for a girlfriend


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  • I think you look just fine. From your picture I can see that you have good skin, a great smile and nice facial traits. But if you want to be more attractive, then I guess you can start by taking care of yourself. Find a better hairstyle that suits your face shape, pluck your eyebrows, take care of your nails (I’m not saying you should grow them out and paint them red; keep them trimmed and clean) maybe style your facial hair some other way. I also suggest you dress up more stylish (style does not equal swag) and lose the excessive bling. I don’t think a woman wants to date a man who wears more jewelry than her. You can also go to the gym and tone your body, but a fit body doesn’t mean that you will instantly become attractive. If you want to go to the gym, do it for your own heath and for yourself. I think a charming personality and some good style could easily compete with a rock hard body.