Would you date me?

there's this girl i like and i'm not sure if i'm "datable" sorry if i spelled that wrong but put yourself in her shoes would you date a guy like me?

-I'm 511

-291 lbs (but i look about 200 lbs because of my height..

-i have long black hair

-i have brown eyes, if you look at them upclose they are light brown

-i walk 2 miles everyday trying to reach my goal of 250 lbs

-im love watching movies, and i love texting

- im not old enough for a job but my sisters manager told me as soon as i turn 16 in February to
come and talk to her
-i'm shy

- i wear a size 15 1/2 shoe

-i'm getting a nose piercing soon and a tattoo of pisces, my mom and aunts name on me,
and a cross

-i'm a christian, i stopped going to church because of personal reasons

-i tell people not to take me serious because i'm only serious 3% of the time

- i want to go to school for construction but not for that long i just want to be able to build my own house, i plan on going for a couple of years after that i will decide to stay or find my calling

-i know how to drive i have a moped but i don't have my permit as i said im 15

-i'm socially awkward i don't associate with anyone unless they're friends, family, or people im used to being around.

I'm not into gangs, smoking, stealing, i'm more focused on my future i have most of my life planned out, and i have goals..

That's pretty much it, please be truthfulif you wouldn't, you wouldn't i'm just not your type in that case and if there's a reason why please tell me so i could fix it and please don't be rude


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  • What do you mean by 'datable'? Everyone is 'datable'!, Tbh you seem like an awesome guy to me. You should really give it your best shot with her :) seriously, it would feel really flattering if a guy did a post like this for me.

    • thank you
      that means a lot

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