Imagine self image?

Lately I have been thinking about body image and how much I would love to be an nobody. I look in the mirror and I see a case but not myself. Who I really am sometimes I wonder not what I am or how I look sometimes I try to separate my inner self for my outer casing there are good days when I feel good and I feel somewhat attractive but then there are those days I just want to stay home and not show my face because I feel ugly and fat sometimes I need to realize that I judge myself more harshly than others judge me I would never speak to someone the way I talk to myself I would never think of someone the way I think of myself and I would never think the way I think to myself society is more into sizes tags and numbers why can a number on the scale measure my worth in value why should a tag on an outfit rate how well I can fit into society why should I lusr for men who have an ideal woman in their head here which cannot be me but they would like me if I lose weight you dont like me you like what you want me to be for sure I think it is important to be healthy I am active I try to eat healthy and I do my part at a certain point I have to leave it up to God as hard as it is for me to sometimes look in the mirror I need to see past my outer case and see the real me and person I need to tell myself nice things and I need to embrace myself as I am with all my flaws and strength and weaknesses God can embrace me I was made in the image of God and I have a piece of God inside of me therefore how can a peace of God be ugly how can I be ugly and how can I consider myself repulsive one day I hope then I will go to see myself as more of just a case or rather a being not a thing.


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  • You are asking some really important questions. The inner and the outer parts of yourself are two sides of the same coin. Like positive and negative, black and white and good and evil, they seem like they are all in a battle with each other, but in truth they couldn't exist without the other. This friction is at the core of what makes us feel alive.

    I want you to understand that the self is always odds with society, because society is created for that very reason, it's an artificial construct. It creates a false cultural consensus that gets enforced by all forms of media in attempts to break each one of us down. That voice in your head is a reflection of this artificial construct and you need to do your best to monitor it and remove it from you psyche. Your moods are directly related to the amount of times you believe it's horrible story over the truth of who you are.

    Like an apple tree, apples, the universe, peoples. We all stem from the same roots and society attempts to convince us we are different (black and white, Christan and Muslim, republican and democratic, left and right and all the rest) but just remember it's all part of the magicians trick. Don't be fooled by it. We "spell" our language for a reason. It's a form of hypnosis and we all need to break free of it's limitations and definitions. No two snow flakes are the same when you look close enough. Same with humans. Do you think one snow flake would say to another how ugly they look?

    The problem is we believe the story that we are told by society and it's makes us feel worthless. But it truth we have no idea who we really are and that's why we believe society over ourself.


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