What's with the big fat ass craze?

I'm not talking about big, round and tight butts that you could balance a plate on. etc. Serina Williams. Those are hot.
I'm talking about the big ones. Just big. No shape. Looks like a glove filled with cottage cheese without jeans on. Too jiggly.
I'm not hating, even though my description looks like it lol That's just the only way I could describe it. What's the appeal? I really want to know.


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  • media.
    That's all.
    The fat ass craze is the media worshiping it. Very few actually like an ass like that.

    • Unfortunately, reading the opinions and comments here over the years, I find that a lot of guys actually do like them. There is no accounting for taste!

    • red_arrow yes, a lot of guys like a curvy rear, but i doubht many of them would be ok with the extreme ones.
      Besides, we both know how conformist a lot of guys on here can be, especially when a biased question is asked by a girl.

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  • I don't know - My preference is for the Sienna Miller butt

  • I dont go for that at all Its nasty to me looks like a Super Moon

  • I totally agree with you. Fat asses aren't hot. Slim and toned wins any day. If anything is going to be big it should be the boobs.


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  • Not sure to be honest. Personally I don't like extremely large butts are they can look disproportionate and have a bad shape. I would rather have an ass like Jlo than Kim.


    But you know what, different strokes for different folks.

    • Kim used to have a gorgeous, curvy body in my opinion before her butt got so big. And, before Kanye changed her wardrobe I used to use her for fashion inspo lol She used to be cool.

    • Same here

    • @asker you know what they say if it ain't broke don't fix. Gods knows why she is taking fashion advice from Kanye. Having being stylist herself she probably knows a lot more about fashion. She is clearly doing this just to please him.

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