How do I look: with a twist?

My good friend commented on my old how do i look question, and it just reminded me of how I was kind ofa little bit insecure, i guess we all are to an extent. I am now proud to say I think I am beautiful, inside and out, so no matter what a stranger online says about me won't make me feel like I am less beautiful. I am smart, kind, thoughful, generous, talented, and i have a great sense of humor and I am proud to say it ☺ God gave me a magnificent gift, thats a fact. So go ahead, tell me what you think: how do I look to you?

  • not my cup of tea (perfectly fine with that)
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  • I've seen better (and thats okay 😊)
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  • decent / sub par (I won't stop you from thinking that)
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  • pretty (its your opinion)
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  • beautiful (its your opinion)
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  • I think you're actually very beautiful, and the fact that you are confident in yourself, makes you even more beautiful.
    Keep it up :)


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  • I think you're clearly attractive, albeit young.
    You'll be super good looking in a few years.

    Also, we don't care if you care about our opinions.

    • Thank you ☺ and I don't care that you don't care that I don't care about your opinions 😉

  • You are right - You are very beautiful

  • Gorgeous for your age.

  • Those socks doeeee

  • you look good, I like it, but that fake blur/depth of field effect in the picture is terrible :p

    • Yea I only did that on here because I don't like people seeing where I am, I don't know it is a privacy thing of mine. I don't blur it that much when posting on social media DW but thank you ☺

  • Will you marry me? Please? <3 omg <3 my heart is pounding :*

    • Thank you ☺ I ccan't marry anyone sadly, I'm only 16 😂

    • Well I'm 16 cx too xD I'm literally the only guy that voted gorgeous?

    • I guess so, and that's okay everyone has opinions but it just won't change my outlook. I already know I am beautiful inside and out, (not to be conceited, I just embrace the amazing qualities I was given) beauty is in the eye of the beholder

  • Look pretty, very cute


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