Do you think I look my age?(Or around my age)?

My life story: Everyone thinks I look SO much older than what I am. When I was eight years old, people thought I was 13. When I was twelve, people thought I was 16. When I was 16, people thought I was 23-25. And ever since I hit my 20's, people think I'm in my late 30's.

I just turned 25 today. Obviously, a 25 year old looks virtually no different than anyone between 20-29(maybe 28/29.) Either way, I expect people to guess me in my 20's but people still guess me in my 30's, and sometimes, even my 30's.

Look at the photo below, which is a face selfie I just took today, and my profile photo, do I really look so much older? I'm not mad or insecure, nor do I care that much, I just feel like I look like a 20-something. I just like hearing people's opinions on this.
Do you think I look my age?(Or around my age)?

@BelleGirl21 Fair enough answer, thanks!

@KDA20 You gave another great answer (even if you weren't the only guy who answered, I would have picked you.)


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  • I think you are so big it throws everyone perception out - Your features are quite young but then the sheer size makes you think again - When you think about it I would say your age 25 Happy Birthday

    • But I'm an adult, and size is pretty much irrelevant now.

      If anything, my size would make someone think I'm in my 20's as opposed to 30's/40's because it's easier to have muscle mass in your 20's than any other age group.

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    • Thanks for MHG

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